Price from: 990 

A mattress that leaves a mark of comfort and luxury experience. Its composition is a set of “best of the best” – sophisticated and technologically superior materials. Eco-friendly materials with a high percentage of cotton and selected layers of coconut fiber and seaweed bonded with latexed milk provide maximum aeration in combination with SOFT and SUPER SOFT foams that provide fine titrated comfort.

Schlafgarten offers the possibility of making mattresses in non-standard dimensions and shapes, if you are interested in this type of service please send an inquiry HERE


Hand made

Schlafgarten spring tying system

Air-permeable foams of increased durability


Adjustable dimensions

Height 32 cm

Additional lateral reinforcements

Removable washable cover intervowen with cashmere threads


Composition of textile materials in products
Removable cover Material – upper part: polyester 76%, viscose 21.6%, cashmere 2.4%
Removable cover material – lower part: cotton 68.2%, polyester 31.8%
Undercoat material: polyester 100%