About Schlafgarten

In Schlafgarten, we manufacture mattresses and sleeping accessories with craftsmanship in a way that combines tradition and contemporary knowledge using modern materials. This skill has been passed on and perfected for more than 80 years, first within the families of craftsmen. The modernization meant that the experience we have has created an innovative brand that continuously improves its products. Thus, based on our handicraft heritage, we have upgraded the best that modern science and technology provide in the field of materials and knowledge of hygienic bedding, at the same time forming a professional team that successfully creates superior sleeping equipment.

Schlafgarten’s uniqueness is that we approach the modes of production with equal care, where manual production is superior to machine-production, but being particular concerning the materials, as well as respecting the health aspects of sleep. Our team consists of permanently employed engineers, a biochemist, as well as consultants, including physiologists, pediatricians, allergists, and orthopedists. Therefore, each of our products is the result of a multidisciplinary approach that unites all key issues regarding quality sleep.

Today, Schlafgarten is a modern factory that preserves the principle of individual approach to each sleeper, while uncompromisingly keeping the highest level of quality in terms of design, service and customer service. By wanting every customer to associate enhancing rest with us, our job does not end with the supply of bedding equipment – on the contrary – we remain a permanent consultant for upgrading all elements of beds.

Our persistence in providing our customers with a first-class sleep experience has made Schlafgarten an indispensable part of the bedroom in tens of thousands of homes over the past few decades.

Ask those who sleep in Schlafgarten – they know it!

As a mother of three, I miss sleep the most. I sleep a little and often wake up because of the children: to cover them, to tuck them in or to embrace them after a bad dream. Every day is full of commitments, and I need to be well rested, get enouhg sleep, be fresh and ready for challenges. Therefore, it is very important for me to sleep in a comfortable bed so that those few hours of sleep that I “catch” are really of high quality to refresh me and make me start the new day completely rested. The Schlafgarten mattress with handmade spring core allows me to recover quickly and well and to be in a good mood and full of energy during the day. For me and my family I choose Schlafgarten!

Mother of three, journalist and blogger